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Indy Garage Doors Repair

Indy Garage Doors is your local Indianapolis garage door company that offers a wide range of service options for all of your garage door repair problems. When you are having problems with opening or closing your garage door, remotes that will not work properly, broken hardware, damaged panels or any other issue, then call the professionals at Indy Garage Doors. Our friendly, fast and dependable certified garage door technicians are here 24/7 to assist you.

Here at Indy Garage Doors we use only the best replacement parts for every garage door repair service. Our technicians always take the time to fully diagnose your garage door repair problem, then we take the time to explain what we will do to fix your garage door or garage door opener.

Indy Garage Doors offers Same Day Service for those customers who need their garage door repair jobs handled right away, or flexible weekend and evening service schedules for customers who need assistance at their convenience. Indy Garage Doors Emergency Garage door Repair technicians are also here when you come home late at night and find yourself locked out of your garage or unable to exit it in the morning.

Every home owner can benefit from the Indy Garage Doors On-Site Safety Inspection that can diagnose the exact problem they are having with their garage door or garage door opener. A safety inspection that goes over all of the numerous, complex systems that keep your garage door operating smoothly and safely allows our team to explain what is causing the problem and how to fix it.

While there are numerous books and videos explaining how to DIY, Indy Garage Doors urges all of our residential garage door customers to call us when they are in need of any garage door repair. The extreme weight of garage doors and the high tension and torque that is present in the spring system makes it dangerous for the non-professional to try and work on their own garage door repairs.

Aside from the danger, there is the cost to keep in mind. When garage door part replacements are performed incorrectly they can damage your garage door and garage door opener, and create further cost when you have to call Indy Garage Doors to fix the problem. Do not be sorry later-call us first and let our experts take care of the problem for you.

Garage Door Repairs

When you want garage door repairs that are affordable, reliable and efficient, Indy Garage Doors are the experts. When you have a problem with broken springs, whether it is a need for torsion spring repair or extension spring repair, or worn rollers, bent tracks, broken hinges, bad remotes, damaged sections or rotten frames, you can call Indy Garage Doors and we can handle any garage door repair job you need.

Indy Garage Doors Specializes In The Following Garage Door Repairs:

  • 24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair
  • Same Day Service
  • Free Estimates, Detailed Safety and Security Inspections
  • All Existing Door Repair, Maintenance, and Services
  • Installation, Repair, or Replacement of Belt, Screw, and Chain Driven Openers
  • Door-section Replacement
  • Installation, Reprogramming, or Replacement of Digital Door Openers
  • Track and Roller Realignment, Repair and Replacement

Indy Garage Doors Garage Door Openers

We have on hand all types of garage door openers and the needed gear kits, remotes, and parts needed to repair and service them. Indy Garage Doors handles belt, screw, chain and torque drive automatic openers from the best manufacturers in the business. We also have on hand the Quiet Drive automatic openers that allow for silent operation, especially convenient for those who have sleeping spaces above or near the garage.

Indy Garage Doors Emergency Service

Not all garage door problems are discovered during an owners leisurely inspection of their home. Indy Garage Doors has an experienced team ready to respond 24/7/365 for any garage door emergency service. Indy Garage Doors has always provided our residential garage door customers the options of having us arrive within 30 minutes or a flexible Same Day Service option at a time that is both convenient and fast.

Indy Garage Doors does not charge extra for evenings or weekends and we are always here to answer your calls with courteous, knowledgeable responses. We regularly offer our customers the chance to benefit from our Free Estimates, Free Onsite Safety Inspections and our beneficial savings offerings.

When you need a local garage door company you can depend on, call Indy Garage Doors. In Indianapolis we are the experts who can handle garage door repairs better, faster and more affordably than any of our competitors.