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Indy Garage Doors Opener Repair and Sales

While garage doors offer protection, security and convenience for home owners, their extreme weight and size is difficult to handle manually. Thankfully today's garage door owners have the convenience of using automatic garage door openers that offer more than just easy opening and closing of garage doors. Indy Garage Doors understands the wide variety of safety, security and convenience attachments that come with modern garage door openers and can be installed on existing garage doors.

With the ability to lock down your garage, protect your property, prevent accidental entrapments in the garage, turn on and off the lights in your home, safety sensors, remotes with rolling security codes and more-is it any wonder home owners hate it when their garage door openers fail?

If you are unhappy with the abilities of your garage door opener performance, give Indy Garage Doors a call. The problem could be that you have the wrong type of garage door opener installed and our team of experts can help you find the right one to suit your needs. We listen to our customers, and that makes a difference when it comes to making choices. Understanding exactly what our customers want from their garage door opener allows us to make suggestions based on the performance levels they want.

Some Indy Garage Doors customers are looking for quiet operation, and are not necessarily concerned with the horsepower. Others want peak performance for multi car garage openers and are looking for an ultra-durable garage door opener that is going to last. Residential property owners may be looking for the most economical yet low maintenance garage door openers. Since we are dedicated to pleasing our customers, it is our listening ability that sets us apart and allows the technicians at Indy Garage Doors to give our customers exactly what they are looking for.

We have on hand all types of garage door openers and the needed gear kits, remotes, and parts needed to repair and service them. Indy Garage Doors handles belt, screw, chain and torque drive automatic opener installations using openers from the best manufacturers in the business. We also have on hand the Quiet Drive automatic openers that allow for silent operation, especially convenient for those who have sleeping spaces above or near the garage.

New Garage Door Opener Installations

Indy Garage Doors handles all types, makes and models of garage door opener installations. From the new installation to the complete replacement of an old garage door opener, we have the right tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. New garage door openers bring a higher level of efficiency, durability, low-energy use, low maintenance and convenient accessories like the ability to turn on your homes lighting from the driveway.

Indy Garage Doors can perform garage door opener installations for the following types of garage door openers:

  • Chain Drive
  • Silent Openers
  • Belt Drive
  • Computer Controlled Direct Drive
  • Screw Drive
  • Keyless Entry Opener Systems

Indy Garage Doors Opener Repair

No matter what goes wrong with your homes garage door opener, Indy Garage Doors has the professional team that can handle the problem. Just give us a call and we will be there on time every time.

Indy Garage Doors Opener Service Includes:

  • Regular Preventive Maintenance Plans
  • Re-Hanging
  • Gear Changes
  • Force Adjustments
  • Lubricating
  • Chain Tightening
  • Setting Limits

Garage doors are a great deal like the automobiles they protect. They need regular tune-ups, overhauls and cleaning in order to run smoothly and quietly for the long life spans they were designed to last for. For most residential garage doors an annual preventive maintenance service that covers all of the mechanical and electronic components is all most garage doors need. These annual services should be performed by a professional team, a team that can be found at Indy Garage Doors.

Since garage doors are under extreme tension and weigh upwards of two-hundred pounds in most cases, professionals know how to do the task without risk of injury or damage to the garage door or opener. The Indy Garage Doors team will schedule an appointment where they will perform the following to ensure your garage door does not fail due to lack of proper maintenance.

  • Adjust Garage Door Springs
  • Adjust Fasteners, Hinges, All Hardware
  • Check Stability of Frame & Wood Boarding
  • Cleaning & Lubing Of Mechanical Components
  • Electrical Wiring and Systems Tested
  • Provide A Complete Safety Check

Indy Garage Doors does not charge extra for evenings or weekends and we are always here to answer your calls with courteous, knowledgeable responses. We regularly offer our customers the chance to benefit from our Free Estimates, Free Onsite Safety Inspections and our beneficial savings offerings.

When you need a local garage door company you can depend on, call Indy Garage Doors. In Indianapolis we are the experts who can handle garage door repairs better, faster and more affordably than any of our competitors.